Civic Center Prices


Provided are rates are for the rental of the Windcrest Civic Center.

Rental LocationsRental Fees
Windcrest Resident*$50 per hour, minimum 4 hour rental
(No partial hours)
$100 deposit required
$100 deposit for sound system
$100 cleaning fee
Non-resident$1,500 package rate (which shall be paid in advance), $300 deposit
4 hours of facility use, audio system use, facility cleaning after event.
$250 per additional hour
Windcrest Civic Clubs$25 charge for regular meetings. No setup / take down or cleanup charge.
$50 for banquet or fundraiser.
City Sponsored FunctionsNo charge.
Windcrest ChurchesWindcrest Resident Rate
SchoolsWindcrest Resident Rate

*Includes events booked by Drury or Hampton Inns and City Employees


  • Alcoholic beverage-Any function where alcoholic beverages are present require a Windcrest Police Officer to be present, the charge for an officer is $35 per hour. Officer must be present at the beginning of the function and remain until all function participants have departed the event.
  • Each function receives one opening and closing per event.
  • No plan or hour changes may be made within two weeks prior to the date of the function.
  • Private function setup/take down are available at a cost of $25 per hour. (for resident rental only)
  • Total payment must be made 15 days prior to the date of the function.
  • Two free hours are provided for set-up only. (waived if paying for setup/take down as listed above)

Make a Reservation

For Civic Center reservations please contact Phillip Anderson at 210-655-0022.