The Story of Windcrest

The Beginning

In the beginning Barbee and Murray Winn had a vision. In the middle of their vacant fields, where crops had been harvested, they viewed a city, not yet developed,where people could live and raise their families; where friendships could grow; where patriotism and civic pride would thrive; where peace and tranquility could be experienced; a city of quality, large enough to be self-sufficient, yet small enough for its residents to shape their destiny. They saw a place where residents could be involved and a place to proudly call home. Through many years of development and nurturing, the efforts of these visionaries have created the unique City you see today.

-An Excerpt from:

History of Windcrest:1959 to 2009
By Joseph Regan and Danette Foxx


The City of Windcrest is a suburban community located in the northeast area of San Antonio Texas. Approximately 5,600 residents live within Windcrest city limits. Residents enjoy a unique small town community atmosphere with quiet streets, city parks, and our exceptional city services. The residents enjoy a truly professional Volunteer Fire Department, top notch Police Department, vigorously maintained City streets, first class water from two providers and above all: friendly, caring neighbors. 

Windcrest City Border

The Future

The future for "The City of Lights" is nothing short of brilliant. After luring the headquarters of Rackspace Managed Hosting, breaking ground on the new "Live-Work-Play" development in the southern portion of the City and turning 50 years old: the sky is the limit!

Come join the most vibrant city in Texas "The City of Windcrest".